Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4 download free torrent

Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4

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Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4

Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4

Apache OpenOffice is an office suite, powerful and reliable alternative to Microsoft Office. And more importantly, it’s free.

One of the ways in which the office

Apache OpenOffice consists of a word processor (Word Word) spreadsheet program (Excel), instrument-based presentations (such as PowerPoint), Edit (Access), a drawing tool (Paint), and formula editor.

All components of the Apache OpenOffice inastroiki offer a variety of tools. The programIs fully compatible with all pharmacy documents.

Thought-out interface

One of the disadvantages of OpenOffice in the first of the interface, which was less developed than in other office suites. But now the interface looks like Microsoft Office, with attractive abrazkamii menu.

From Homescreen you can access the six main applications: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. Sadobre menu is organized and gives you quick access to any element or document, whatever you need.
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If you have a regularUser, OpenOffice greater your need for document creation and editing. But one of the distinctive features of OpenOffice is to add new templates and extensions, which means you can customize any program according to your preferences.

Alternatyvavysokuyu quality

OpenOffice is a complete office suite and allows the nature redovnotoDobavyane to offer a wide range of accessories and patterns. An exclusive selection.


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