Really Caring helps to make the Right Decision

Here at Gabriel’s Angels, we have built an outstanding reputation for delivering high class care within the residential home for its clients in the Wokingham and Camberley areas.

On this website, we often refer to the difficult decisions that families have to take for their loved ones – so we focus on the delivery of compassionate care to enable our clients to stay as long as possible in their home surroundings for as long as possible, since we know that is the preference for many people. This can be an hour or two per day, right up to us providing 24 hour a day care, 7 days per week. Sometimes though, it is all about helping the family make the right decision – not necessarily one that would directly benefit us.

Michelle Whittle, Registered Care Manager at Gabriel’s Angels explains –

We recently met a family whose father has an acute medical condition called Autonomic Dysreflixia. This condition is very serious – if for example you’ve injured your spinal cord in your upper back, it can make your blood pressure dangerously high and, coupled with very low heartbeats, can lead to a stroke, seizure or a heart attack… is an extremely  debilitating condition.

During our initial meeting it was very clear that the family were extremely fatigued in providing the necessary care levels. In such a situation we must be mindful not only of the individual concerned but also the high impact on the family by providing ongoing specialist care in the home.

We could have been in position to provide the necessary package of care, but we felt that after in depth discussions with the family the right decision would be for the individual to be admitted to a care home capable of handling his condition – not only for his wellbeing but to assist the family unit as well. This was the correct decision for this particular situation.

Since that decision was made, we have assisted the family in helping their attempt to secure funding for the care home costs – even though we as a company have no direct involvement.

This shows the depth of compassion and care that Gabriel’s Angels seek to attain in all areas of our business”.

It always nice to get positive feedback from people we meet with, in this case in the form of an e mail from the family:

Hi Michelle. Mum & I can’t thank you enough for all the time & support you have given to us, the first day that we spoke & when Mum & I met you was definitely a turning point…thank you. Your thoughts are incredibly helpful.

Michelle, you have been amazing, Mum keeps mentioning how much you are an Angel!

With huge thanks for all your support & very best wishes

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