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What are the Benefits <br>of Live-in Care?

What are the Benefits
of Live-in Care?

Live-in carers can adapt their involvement to your preferences. Whether you value privacy or integration, our carers are flexible to assist as needed or become part of your extended family, offering continuous support.

Deciding on changes to your living situation can be challenging, especially when considering their impact on your quality of life. Care, lifestyle, and independence are crucial factors, and our live-in care service is here to assist with these considerations.


You can remain at home

With around-the-clock care to call upon, you can remain safe and secure at home.

The carer will provide you with all the support you need to continue to live your life as you previously did without care – the crucial difference is that you will be cared for while still surrounded by familiar surroundings and possessions (that you wouldn’t get in residential care facilities and homes).


You can retain consistent family support

With live in care, your family can stay involved in your ongoing care; continuing to stay in touch and monitor the level of care you’re receiving.

This will also allow a closer relationship to be formed with your carer making it easier to make decisions about your wellbeing, the level of care and what additional support you may need.


You can maintain your independence

For some people, the word ‘care’ conjures up images of people being assigned a room and told what to do throughout the day; this is the opposite of what live in care is. 

You continue to live in your home, do what you want, see who you want, when you want. The only change will be that you’ve got extra support assigned to you when you need it – having this help enables you to carry on with a lifestyle that is both comfortable and familiar.


You can receive round-the-clock care

Live in care allows for a constant level of one-to-one care; which is often impossible in residential homes where carers are responsible for several people at the same time. 

Having a live-in carer means that they’ll be available whenever they’re needed, 24/7 – this creates stability in the home, allowing you and your family to relax knowing that you’re getting the specific care you need at all times.

How we can help you

 Our Live in Care service can help you with:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Shopping
  • Light housework and gardening
  • Collecting prescriptions and supervising medication
  • Attending hospital appointments
  • Companionship and social care
  • Security of having somebody in the house at all times

Whether you need a live in carer for a week, a month or just to assist with the day-to-day after a return from the hospital.

We are on hand to make the transition into everyday care easy and seamless. 

How we can help you

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Why Choose
Gabriels Angels For Live-In Care?

We strongly believe in ‘family’ here at Gabriel's Angels – as a family-owned business, we fully understand the importance of maintaining your independence, and having loved ones close at hand, to call upon when needed. This is why we are expert live in care providers, and why we endeavour to instil the same family ethos amongst our dedicated staff. Ultimately, these values are reflected in the care our team provides.

Whether it’s companionship, administration of medication or care for more complex conditions, we provide the right carer for you. You will receive highly trained, tailored person-centred care supported by a dedicated Care Manager providing expert advice and support to give you and your family complete peace of mind.

All of our live-in carers are trained to the same high standard as our daily carers, which is constantly updated based on the most up-to-date medical and nursing research. This allows our clients to receive an exemplary standard of care and an improved quality of life in their own homes.

Why Choose <br>Gabriels Angels For Live-In Care?

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Frequently Asked Questions

In short anybody can access home care services! It does not normally require NHS assessment or to be recommended or ordered by a GP. It is all about whatever the need of the individual may or what family members may want on the individual’s behalf.

The need for home care services can differ quite considerably – it can range from those needing company to ward off loneliness, needing shopping, cooking etc and other basic household work, providing respite care support for family members, recovery from a hospital stay - right through to more involved specialist care such as dementia, other mental health problems or physical/mobility issues.

The most important point to emphasise is that we can provide the right care package matched to the level of care needed and the most suitable carer in terms of training and experience to provide that care.

This is an easy question - but there are quite a few answers! We would normally recommend that one of Care Managers sits down and goes through the options. Most domiciliary care provision is normally provided through private funding such as savings, or family sponsorship in some form. The important point to emphasise initially it is not a case of quoting by the hour etc – this may be an outcome, but the focus has to be what is the most appropriate care package, securely and professionally delivered by our high-quality trained carers.

This is best handled during the initial discussion and meeting with one of our Care Managers who can advise the most appropriate way to fund the care package needed.

You will have a lot of questions to ask – this is entirely natural! We normally start the process by getting one of our specialist Care Managers to directly meet with the client and/or the family members and this gives the opportunity to get into real detail about needs. From this we can suggest the right package of care and support to meet those needs – often we find that there are considerations that come to light which are not always thought about initially.

A vital question. At Gabriel’s Angel this at the very core of the way we work. We pride ourselves on the standard of care we deliver to our clients – our reviews and official Care Quality Commission (CQC) will confirm this.

Our carers are trained to the highest standard in accordance with regulatory standards and beyond; in fact, Gabriel’s Angels has one of the best care training facilities in our area to ensure this. All of our carers are enhanced DBS [CRB] checked - and all are directly employed by us – no agency staff are used.

We do have rigorous carer selection process – this is not just the carer’s practical skills and competencies but also the fact that they live by the Gabriel’s Angels ethos of having a real passion for caring for people. We have found that many of our clients find this as the most important factor in staying loyal with Gabriel’s Angels.

Yes of course. During the initial consultations with our Care Manager, we like to get to know you – not just about the care you need, but your likes, dislikes, what interests you have etc. This helps us to narrow down the potential carers who we think will form a good relationship with you going forward. In this phase the Care Manager will introduce the carer to you so you can determine whether you want them to be selected for you.

We try as far as is possible to retain the same carer for you, but obviously there will be times due to holidays, sickness etc when occasionally a replacement will be selected but you would of course be advised prior to that carer arriving - and you would have previously met them.

Following the initial Care Manager visits and assessment – we would normally be able to start the care package within a few days after that.

And of course, you will always be able to contact our Care Managers to deal with any problem that may arise and they will regularly be in contact to ensure that everything is running to your satisfaction.

Gabriel's Angels
Gabriel's Angels
Wokingham, Berkshire

This is an amazing message from one of our many valued customers who has just celebrated her 97th birthday with a party in her honour at our HQ in Wokingham!

As the video shows she is highly complimentary about the Gabriel’s Angels team – and Helen Smith – one of the brilliant Gabriel’s Angels care team. This shows what a better option of having care in the home is to the alternative of going into a residential care home!

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