Flexible Care Visits

When we receive your call we listen genuinely and intently and with empathy to what your individual needs are

Flexible care enables to you have support whilst living at home. From as little as 30 minutes a week, our carers can support you as much or as little as you require. Tasks may include getting out of and in to bed, personal care and toileting, medication management, light house hold duties, meal preparation, accessing the community and companionship.

We will complete a full assessment, looking at your home as a whole and make recommendations about equipment and technology that may help you if they are required. We carry out our assessment at your pace, nothing is rushed, if we notice you are getting tired we are sensitive to your needs and can gather information from your family if you prefer. We allow you to tell us things in your way, we want to know exactly how you like things done.

You can have whoever you want present when we visit. Our goal is to help you with as little stress as possible to you. We answer any questions you and your family have and if you want to go ahead with care we take a detailed assessment of your past medical history, your medication, your social history, together we write your care plan which is an outline of exactly what you would like done each day.

Matching a carer to your exact requirements

We take your detailed history to match a team of carers to your exact requirements, we do everything in our power to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

All our carers are fully trained and can carry out all practical tasks required. We do our best to match carer and clients who have similar interests and enjoy their company.

Our registered manager, formally a registered General Nurse and a registered sick children’s nurse trained at Great Ormond Street. This experience is used to train and support our carers in all areas of care, with a bespoke training package which ensures carers are trained far beyond industry standards this results in carers who feel empowered to support their clients with confidence that they are following the most up to date research based practice


Care revoling around you

Gabriel’s Angels’ care revolves around you, it is not only about carrying out any practical tasks that you need, we can help you take part in any leisure activities you enjoy, we can help you to travel either for leisure or hospital appointments.

We care about the small details like how you like your tea, your interests, your social history and your skills. We like to know about the things that make you happy as well as the things you do not like. We want to know about the things that are important to you so we can do our best to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.

Our bespoke training allows us to offer support to people with a wide range of needs, it is very important to us that you are getting the most up to date and highest quality and care possible. A member of our team will attend hospital appointments with you to understand what the professionals are telling you. We can advocate for you if needed with GP’s, consultants, district nurses, occupational therapists and social workers to ensure you are getting the right support from them.


Palliative care

We understand that it can be difficult to care for your loved one who is battling an illness or condition so at Gabriel’s Angels we have a dedicated specialist Palliative care team who are able to step in and support you through the end of life stage. We support you throughout the diagnosis stages and attending appointments through to 24 hours a day care at your bedside. Together with you, your family and health professionals if required, we will create a person-centred care plan which will regularly be updated to ensure all your requirements are met throughout your time with Gabriel’s Angels. We pride ourselves on ensuring our exceptional quality care is maintained throughout. 

What our customers say

Gabriel’s Angels based in Wokingham a home care agency that totally lives up to their name.
We have used this company nearly four years and will always stay with them until our mum passes by. Being well overdue I feel we need to give all of these lovely “Angels” the recognition they so rightly deserve!!
The outstanding care and support they have shown our mum, and the rest of her family since she was diagnosed with Dementia back in 2015 has always been excellence with always the air of compassion delivered.
After suspecting mum had dementia back in 2014 once it was confirmed it was devastating to say the least. It was both our mums and our wish that she would under no circumstances be put in a care home.
Both my brother and I were present when our mum was assessed for her needs as she was able to self fund we had endless conversations about what home care agency to use.
With our mother it was all about testing the water to see how she got on. We decided the best way to do this was for mum to meet some of the carers, as mum headstrong, sharp tongued, critical, rude, and never wrong, a hypochondriac, and is convinced that everyone else is wrong in what they say and do. And this was before the onset of dementia – obviously now more excessive with an adding of OCD.
After meeting various carers from various agencies the one care agency that stood out from the others was the team of angels we use and have done ever since (Gabriel’s Angels).
They go way above and beyond the call of duty with everything they do – from the carers, office staff and management.
As mums dementia has progressed there have been very difficult times – in and out of hospital, adaptions to the house and a need for council funding. Just one phone call/email to Gabriel’s Angels, and the problems, get sorted with their help. Without their outstanding communication to my brother and myself, I don’t think we would be able to cope.

Below are just a few ways they show their care:
• Support mums needs and recognise the impact it will have on her care
• Communicate to one another on a daily basis if any of mums needs change
• Mum is OCD about washing and drying clothes, on daily basis carers help her sort this out and do any ironing for her.
• Mum is doubly incontinent. The carers help with her personal care in the most dignified way.
• All Mums meals and drinks are made for her. Mum forgets that she is eaten, and will argue that she hasn’t. Mum is always offered meals that are appetising and nutritious; she is also offered small and frequent amounts of other foods throughout the day. Whatever mum eats is monitored and her IBS needs are taken into consideration. Mum is at her happiest when eating.

The other area that the Angels excel in is mums care plan very detailed, updated throughout the day/evening and vital information for the rest of the family.

I would highly recommend using Gabriel’s Angels care agency if you want a company that really does CARE!

S. Nute 27 April 2020

Flexible Care in the comfort of your own home

Our dedicated team will support you during every step, from your initial enquiry through to the delivery of your care.

They have in-depth knowledge and experience in coordinating and delivering care at home packages and will advise you on the most suitable service that we can provide to meet your specific requirements.

Fill in your details and we will call you to discuss how we can help you or a loved one