Looking After Your Personal Care: Avoiding Trips and Falls At Home

Posted by Gabriel's Angels on Jan 14 2022

As we get older, changes to our health can contribute to an increased risk of falling – but many falls can be prevented. Falls will often occur through hazards that are easy to overlook but are equally easy to fix.

As personal care specialists, we place the upkeep of autonomy at the forefront of our services – advanced age should never be a barrier to enjoying personal independence, so here, we will give tips and advice on how to reduce the potential of reducing the risks of falling at home.

Personal Care: How to avoid trips and falls at home

Whether you’re looking to ensure your own or a loved one’s safety at home, there are a wide range of things you can do to reduce the risks of trips and falls at home. It can be easy for hazards to accumulate in our living spaces and often, we can simply forget to clear something up or put it away. For elderly people especially, the slightest hazard can cause a trip or fall – so let’s take a look at these risks, and how they can be avoided.

  •  Clear up clutter:
    One of the more obvious hazards will be an accumulation of clutter. Keeping floors and entrance ways clear of any physical items will vastly reduce the chances of a slip or trip – look at stairways and hallways in particular; things like books, newspapers, boxes and shoes are common items that may find themselves out of place in these areas.
  • Remove or repair any tripping hazards 
    Often, a deterioration of the home’s fixtures can contribute to a fall, so in addition to personal care, ensure everything in the home is in good condition. Look at every room and hallway and look for items such as loose carpets, slippery rugs or floorboards that may stick up/be broken. Repairing, removing or replacing these items will ensure they won’t contribute to any falls.
  • Install handrails and grab bars:
    As our balance may deteriorate as we get older, having a handrail or grab bar around to grip onto will ensure we’re able to traverse the stairs, go to the toilet or use the bath without much fuss.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing:
    While we all want to feel comfortable at home, the clothing we wear can sometimes cause slip and trip hazards. Baggy clothing can sometimes make us more likely to fall – having better-fitting, properly hemmed clothing that doesn’t scrunch up or drag along the floor will vastly reduce this from happening.
  • Make sure your home is well lit
    Having inadequate lighting is another hazard that is a common cause of trips and falls at home. Brighter light bulbs should be placed in areas where needed – particularly in stairways, hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Wear shoes:
    While socks may be comfortable, the lack of grippy surface makes them a slipping risk. While you can buy non-slip socks, wearing shoes around the house is the best way to ensure anyone with any balance issues is able to get around.
  • Make floors non-slip:
    There are many places, inside and outside the home that can become a slipping hazard when wet – bathtubs and showers, the bathroom floor itself, kitchens, porches and paths. To best prevent any slips in these places, non-slip materials should be added to allow for enhanced grip, even when wet.
  • Think about movement:
    As much as we don’t like it, we tend to slow down as we get older. Even something as small as getting up from a chair too quickly can cause us to lose balance – our bodies unable to keep up with a pace that we have become accustomed to over the years. This is why it’s important to think about how we move – taking our time changing from a sitting to a standing position (and vice versa) is a great place to start.

Those were our tips on avoiding the most common incidences of trips and falls in the home – if you’ve been considering personal care services for yourself or a loved one to further enhance safety, why not consider Gabriel’s Angels as your helping hand?

Gabriel’s Angels – A Guardian When Needed

Getting older shouldn’t mean a loss of independence, which is why here at Gabriel’s Angels, we offer a safeguard for people who may need a little assistance in some areas, yet otherwise want to maintain their way of life.

Our personal care services have been designed to achieve this. No matter the need, we can offer assistance with any daily task – from clearing up clutter, bathing, showing or dressing, right through to support with medical applications.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Bathing and showering (including bed baths).
  • Lotion and cream application as required.
  • Dressing/getting ready for bed.
  • Oral hygiene.
  • Haircare and make-up application.
  • Support with shaving.
  • Help with toileting, including the use of a bedpan or commode.
  • Changing of continence pads, and cleaning of intimate areas.
  • Changing or maintaining catheter or stoma bag, or any other form of clinical intervention.
  • Bed positioning support; helping with stretching and bed sore prevention.
  • Foot care; especially if clients are diabetic and need to be extra careful with their feet.

  • No matter the need, we have all the knowledge and experience to help – we work to our client’s regular routines and ensure that the support we offer is tailored to their specific requirements. Our fully trained carers offer discreet and professional personal care in a manner that is the most comfortable.

    Want to learn more? Then our team would be pleased to have an informal chat about your requirements! You can give them a call on 01183 320 099 or send any e-mails to enquiries@gabrielsangels.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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