The Benefits of Home Care in Berkshire

Posted by Gabriel's Angels on Nov 16 2021

Deciding what support is best for an elderly relative can be a difficult decision to make – as leading providers of home care in Berkshire, we’re here to put the case across for your loved one receiving their care at home. Is it right for them? Will it allow them to receive the help they need to live a dignified life? 

While we can’t tell you what will be right for your relative’s particular circumstances, we hope to provide enough information for you to make the best-informed choice.

Home Care In Berkshire – How Does It Differ From Care Homes?

First of all, it’s important to be aware of the differences between home care (or ‘care at home’) and a care home – they sound similar, but they are not the same. ‘Home care’ is when your relative receives support from professional carers in their existing home, whereas care homes are care facilities (residential homes and nursing homes) that provide round-the-clock care.

What Are The Benefits of Home Care vs. Care Homes?

Most people want to be cared for at home

Home care in Berkshire has been the preferred choice for the vast majority of elderly people for a decade, with some 97% of British people surveyed in 2014 saying that they ‘don’t want to go into a care home when they’re older’. Furthermore, 71% of people said they would much rather reach the end of their life in their own home.

Home care can be better for a person’s health and wellbeing

Several studies have shown that person-centred care at home has a greater impact on wellbeing, happiness and reduced hospital care admissions than a care home. It’s for this reason that it’s been a long-held aim of the NHS to keep people out of residential care and in their own homes for as long as possible.

Home care is more cost-effective

Home care in Berkshire will be typically cheaper than going into a residential care or a nursing home. In addition, if your relative is living in their own home, its value will not be included in a means-test asset calculations which decide whether they’re eligible for funding.

Dementia care is better at home

People with dementia will benefit from private care at home. This is partly because they are around their own belongings in a place full of memories – their life. A study in 2013 showed that dementia suffers who lived at home experienced higher levels of activity, quality of life and social connection than those who are placed into nursing homes.

Home care is better for independence

Obviously, it’s more difficult to maintain a degree of independence when you’re placed into a regimented situation of a care home. By being supported at home, elderly people can continue to enjoy living their lives, surrounded by familiarity and get the daily support they may need.

Home care support is designed to meet an individual’s needs

The support offered at home can be moulded around the needs of a specific person – negating the regimented style that exists in care homes. Care at home regimes can even be adjusted over time to fit a changing situation – for example, your relative may start with support for a few hours a week to help with tasks like shopping and cleaning and move up over time to daily care.

You will have more direction over the care on offer

By working directly with at home carers, you’ll be able to handpick the individuals who are looking after your loved one. Finding the right fit for daily care is especially important as it enables a continuity of care where routines are created, learned and bonds formed. Vital components of an enjoyable, dignified life.

Gabriel’s Angels – A Guardian When Needed

We strongly believe in ‘family’ here at Gabriels Angel’s – as a family-owned business, we fully understand the importance of having a degree of familiarity and loved ones to call upon when needed. This is why we offer home care in Berkshire and why we endeavour to instil the same family ethos amongst our dedicated staff. Ultimately, these values will be reflected in the care they provide.

All of our personal carers are trained to the same high standard – our clients are assured of exemplary care and improved quality of life, while the training our staff undertake continually evolves based on the most up to date industry requirements.

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